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Monthly Archive: January 2015

Filmmakers Film Jam

This weekend a local filmmakers’ club had what they call a film jam. Wanting to lend a hand and have some fun, I attended. Film jams are a great way to practice your craft. The idea of a film jam is that anyone with an interest in filmmaking, from actors[…]

Making working for free valuable

In this industry, people are often working for free. As a filmmaker there are times this is acceptable, such as if the work is for a charity or nonprofit organization that has no budget. However, if the nonprofit organization is run by high-paid executives, they should be able to pay[…]

15 seconds – That’s all folks

Did you watch my 15-second video? Did it catch your interest? Rumour has it Facebook will soon be posting video ads in timelines. And the ads will be this short. So what can you communicate in 15 seconds? That is a very short story to tell. Can you capture the[…]