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Monthly Archive: April 2015

What is pre-production and why should I care?

People tend to associate video production with pointing the camera and shooting scenes. They think about location, lighting and who will appear on camera. All of that is important. Yet, the work that comes before the shoot is every bit as important. The work before the shoot is referred to[…]

Mini videos are right on target

Debbie Bateman When adding video to their website, many small businesses create a single video that provides general information about what their company offers. They combine site tours, testimonials and the other elements that suit their business into a single video. But this type of video may not be the[…]

It’s all new

Well, the new website is finally in good order. WordPress is very powerful, so it takes a bit more to figure it out than the WYSIWYG sites. I really like the new portfolio gallery and the speed at which it loads. I also had a bit of a hiccup with[…]