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Greg Nuspel – Producer, Videographer, Editor

Greg Nuspel Videographer Producer Editor
Greg Nuspel Videographer

At thirteen, I developed my first roll of film and fell in love with photography. In junior high, I played with stop motion animation using the family Super 8 movie camera. As a young adult, I produced audiovisual shows employing up to nine slide projectors synced to an audio track. When digital video became an affordable adventure, I couldn’t resist. In recent years, I’ve produced documentary shorts, promotional videos, community support videos and training videos.

 I also have a strong aptitude for technology and a passion for learning how things work. I’ve worked in aircraft maintenance and machining, and I’ve put in endless hours after work making equipment for myself. Once I learn how something works, I want to make it work better. For example, designing and building a panoramic camera head wasn’t enough; I had to operate it remotely.

 I’ll bring that same passion and attention to detail to the work I do for you. Because I understand how things work, I can shoot visually engaging and technically precise stories. Whether your process or product is simple or complex, I’ll capture it in a way that is both accurate and engaging. Many filmmakers are creative. I give you that and more.

 Call me or send me an email. I’d be pleased to discuss your needs and how my skills can work for you.