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Deb and Greg are dedicating their film work to creating documentaries. There are several in the works right now, but one close to our hearts is exploring the hardships of surviving the loss of a loved one to suicide. In the past we lost one of our sons to suicide and now we want to explore how people survive this tragedy. Both Deb and Greg had different ways of coping and we have found others that have totally different coping mechanisms. Greg like to call it the ‘dirty little secret’ because so many people have suffered a loss like this, but polite society doesn’t talk about it. We are actively looking for other people willing to share their experience so that it may help someone else to see there is an Afterlife.

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Value-Added Video

Value-Added Video

Business is about building trust. Whether you sell shoes or mortgages, if you can show potential customers that you’re an expert, you’ll win their confidence. The internet is full of videos that describe what a company sells. Why not offer something more?

A promotional video that teaches people something they want to know fosters goodwill. Who doesn’t appreciate helpful advice from an expert? Plus, a value-added video demonstrates your expertise and it may just give you a following. Answer a useful question well, and people will not only appreciate your efforts, they’ll look to you the next time they have a question.

As a business owner, you’re passionate about what your company has to offer. A value-added video gives you the opportunity to share that passion with the world. It could be how to fold a fitted bedsheet or why you need different types of wine glasses. Teach, empower and engage your customers.

Would you rather buy a barbeque from the store that shows you rows of product, or from the store that taught you how to prepare meat for smoking? What about the landscaping service that gives you a video on how to plant spring bulbs? Or, the tool rental place that shows you how to power wash?

See how this video describes a service, while teaching the importance of a good bike fit.

Now that you know the importance of a proper fit, where will you go to have it done? That’s the power of a value-added video. Show and sell your expertise. We all have special knowledge and skills that make us valuable to our customers. What can you teach yours?

You have an expertise to share. We have the expertise to capture it in an engaging video. Let’s get together and talk about how to showcase your business.

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Testimonials – Getting the Word Out

Your customers know what makes your business special. Let them tell the story for you. We all see written testimonials and recommendations posted on the web and they’re great. But when you use the power of video to share testimonials, the message is even more engaging. What could be more powerful than actual people telling the world what they think of your business? Putting a face on the message raises the credibility and the impact.

Testimonial videos are also great for social media. These days almost everyone spends time on social media. By having a video presence, you keep the attention of your customers longer and you give them something interesting to share with their friends. Just imagine what a television commercial would cost you. In today’s world, you can take that same content and share it on social media for a fraction of the cost. Depending on how it is shared, a social media post could stick around for a lot longer. After all, it is viewable on demand. Check out this video we created for Cycle Therapy Bikes.

As Brenda Burch, social media expert and owner of Social Media is Simple, says about the video we did for Cycle Therapy: “Video is the BIG THING and this video is beautifully done, authentic as heck, talks about the bikes, but also talks about the experience and the PEOPLE. We love this!”

Story in Focus is proud of the business we’ve created and our customers know the value of our services. Word-of-mouth is the most powerful form of marketing. With video, you can capture what your customers have to say about your business and share it with the world. We work hard to make your customers comfortable in front of the camera and we engage them in a relaxed conversation. When this happens, powerful phrases just naturally pour from their mouths and we collect those bits of gold in a concise video. Is it time to let others blow your horn? Why not use a testimonial video to bolster word-of-mouth marketing for your business? Give us a call and we’ll work with you to share what makes your business special on the web.

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Bending the rules to save you money

Cowichan Regional Visitor Centre

Google Maps only hosts tours for storefront businesses or attractions. If you’re a contractor with a business that does not involve a storefront, this leaves you out, right? Not necessarily. Have you ever heard of co-op advertising? With co-op advertising, compatible businesses work together to increase their marketing potential. They select marketing materials that work for both of them, and share the costs.

If you’re a contractor, you can use co-op advertising on Google Maps to promote your services. Suppose you have a construction company and you recently built a local restaurant beautifully situated in an ocean bay. I’m sure your client is as proud of their new restaurant as you are. Why not join forces to have a virtual tour shot of the new restaurant and split the cost?

Once the tour is on Google Maps, I can provide you with the embedded code which you can use on your website to show off your work. If you really want to highlight the skills of your company, I can add an interface to the virtual tour. Visitors can click to obtain supporting information, detail photos and even testimonial videos. And you don’t have to do all of it at once. You can add each of these features as your budget allows.

You don’t have to have a storefront business to benefit from creating a virtual tour. What better way to convince potential clients of the quality of the services you provide than by taking them on a tour of the finished product?

Video Marketing

Special Flight Operations Certificates –not just a paper exercise

by Greg Nuspel

Special Flight Operation Certificates --not just a paper exerciseApplying for a Special Flight Operations Certificate (SFOC) is a lot of work, especially the first one. We wrote four manuals when applying for ours. Perhaps because it is a lot of work, some people are tempted to believe it isn’t necessary. For example, they might think that because their unit weights less than 2 kilograms, they don’t have to worry about getting a SFOC, but it is more complicated than that.

Transport Canada requires all commercial operators to obtain a SFOC unless they can meet the requirements for an exemption. It is important to read all of the requirements because the final note on the list of the exemptions clearly states that no one can fly a UAV within 9 kilometers of any built-up area without a SFOC.

Sure, applying for a SFOC is a lot of work. I won’t deny that. But I would like to point out that the work required to apply for a SFOC is work operators should be doing anyways. Why? Because the SFOC application process helps operators ensure the safety of their operations.

The SFOC application process is really a safety audit of a UAV operation. The Staff Instruction 623.001 provided by Transport Canada can be looked at as a questionnaire about a company’s UAV operation. By assessing themselves on each point in this document and addressing any weaknesses, operators not only ensure that they comply with the SFOC requirements, they also ensure that their operations are safe. This is just part of the due diligence any commercial operation should be doing regardless of the SFOC process. The SFOC application can be thought of as a safety plan. Once the safety plan has been prepared, Transport Canada audits it and issues a SFOC if the UAV operator complies with the requirements.

Some operators look for an easier way, but is it worth the risks? Let’s say an operator obtains a copy of another operator’s SFOC application. Rather than conducting a rigorous safety audit, the operator cheats the system. After changing a few names and other details, the operator submits the application to Transport Canada. A SFOC may be issued, but it will not be worth the paper it is written on.

Since the operator didn’t create the procedures in the SFOC application, they are probably not following them. If there is an incident and an investigation ensues, this will most likely be discovered. The operator would be found in violation of the SFOC and Transport Canada would void the certificate. Since a valid SFOC is required for coverage, the insurer would refuse to cover the incident. All of this risk and recklessness to avoid some “paperwork”, which is not what it’s about anyway. The SFOC application process is not about paper; it’s about aviation safety.

As much as many operators think the process of obtaining a SFOC is a pain, in the end it is a good thing. Safety should be the cornerstone of any commercial operation and the SFOC process is just a good method of checking if the procedures being used comply with all of the aspects of a safe operation. At Story In Focus, we are proud of the manuals we have created for our operation because by following them we ensure a safe operation.