Story In Focus


We create videos for education, marketing, events, community service and more. Our videography and storytelling skills ensure that your videos are both watched … and shared.

Promotional Videos

Promotional videos promote your business and give you a web presence no other medium can. YouTube has become the number two search engine on the internet and it is owned by the number one search engine–Google. Next time you do a search, see how high YouTube videos rank in the results. When was the last time you read a whole website page? Have you ever read a website page more than once? But how many times will you watch a short video? Your customers are the same.


Informational Videos

Informational videos help people learn by showing how things work and introducing experts. Unlike a classroom demonstration or lecture, a video can be watched over and over again. Many online courses include instructional videos for this reason. Some business owners also post instructional videos on their website to help current and potential customers. If you provide informative content, people will recognize you as the expert and a person they can trust. When was the last time you read an instructional manual? Wouldn’t you rather watch a video to learn? Contact us to see how we can provide this for you.


Community Support Videos

Just the Story Video values the community and we appreciate opportunities to create videos that support the world in which we live. These are a few of the community support videos we’ve produced.


Music Videos

Music videos demand good sound. For live recordings like the ones shown here, I always bring in a skilled sound crew. I love music, so if you have a project, let’s talk.

And many more.....