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What is pre-production and why should I care?

People tend to associate video production with pointing the camera and shooting scenes. They think about location, lighting and who will appear on camera. All of that is important. Yet, the work that comes before the shoot is every bit as important. The work before the shoot is referred to[…]

The Talking Heads were an awesome rock group

Debbie Bateman  I enjoyed “Burning Down the House” as much as anyone. It’s a great song and the Talking Heads were awesome as a rock group. But if that’s all you have in your video, you’re missing out on the key advantage of visual storytelling. Videos are stories told through[…]

Timelapse vs Hyperlapse

This is just my opinion. Please feel free to form your own. But I think it’s important to keep terms clear and to be as precise as possible. How else can we understand one another? I think hyperlapse is a term that is frequently misunderstood. The above timelapse was  shot while[…]

How much do videos cost?

If you’ve ever wondered how much videos cost, check out this article:  How Much Does Video Production Cost?