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Virtual tours – A new way to answer questions

Virtual Tours - A new way to answer questions

Where should I go on vacation? Which store has what I need? Travellers and shoppers have questions. Brides have even more. They’re looking for a range of suppliers and venues.

It used to be that these questions had to be asked in person or over the phone. Not anymore. Nowadays people find most of the answers they need online by using search engines. But it’s up to you how you answer. You can give them an address and a still photo. Or, you can let them explore all you have to offer with a virtual tour. People like to know what they’re buying. A virtual tour shows them.

Travellers get to wander through their room, checking out details and exploring the view from the balcony. What better way to show them all of the comforts your suites provide. Give them confidence that your accommodations fit their needs.

Does your establishment have a romantic atmosphere? Can couples rest in the hot tub while watching the sunset over the ocean? Does your establishment offer a place to kick back and enjoy a craft beer while watching the game? Does the banquet hall open up to stunning gardens where the wedding guests can cool off after dancing in the ballroom? All these questions can be answered and shared amongst friends through virtual tours. Don’t you want your customers to brag about how much they enjoyed your accommodations? Give them a first class virtual tour and that is exactly what they will do.

You know your clients and what they look for. Is it exquisite art, jewelry, quality furnishings or the wedding dress to die for? Show them that you have what they need. Answer their questions. Bring them inside with a virtual tour and soon they will be on your doorstep. All over the world people use phones, tablets and computers to search for what they want. Social media is a hotbed of reviews and recommendations. Give your customers something they want to share.

Google Street View Virtual Tour Visual Storytelling

Three types of virtual reality tours

Story In Focus offers three types of virtual reality tours. Each type provides a different level of interactivity and content control.

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Basic Tour

With a Basic Tour, potential customers get to look inside your business using virtual reality images posted on the Google Maps server. To create the tour, I shoot a series of photospheres/panoramic images at your location. Then I upload the images to Google and assemble them into a coherent tour. With this type of tour, viewers walk through your business the same way they would if they were actually there.

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Application Program Interface Tour

With this type of tour, I add an interface layer that interacts with the Google Maps tour.  An Application Program Interface Tour can also include navigation links, information windows, external links, photo galleries and even video pop-ups. If you would like to include narration or licensed music to help set a mood, I can do that too. You can start with a Basic Tour and upgrade to an Application Program Interface Tour at any time.

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Custom HTML Tour

The third type of tour is customized and hosted online just for you. If you want the highest level of interaction, this type is the best choice. It includes custom HTML code to achieve amazing effects. For example, with a Custom HTML Tour, I can embed videos that will automatically play as the customer moves through the virtual reality tour. I can create virtual 3d models of products that can be viewed from all angles. The features included depend on what your business needs. This type of tour lets you showcase your services and products in a way that leaves a lasting impression.

Story In Focus wants to fit the package to your needs. Let’s work together to discover which type of tour suits your requirements. Give me a call at 250-510-7971 or send me an email at I’d love to talk to you.