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Timelapse vs Hyperlapse

This is just my opinion. Please feel free to form your own. But I think it’s important to keep terms clear and to be as precise as possible. How else can we understand one another?

I think hyperlapse is a term that is frequently misunderstood. The above timelapse was  shot while driving, but I don’t consider it a hyperlapse even though the camera was moved a great distance over the timespan in which the film was shot. To me, this projects is just motion timelapse because I shot many objects over a period of time.

In contrast, hyperlapse requires that one object be the sole subject of the film. As the camera moves, this object remains the important feature of the film. So tracking of this object must be maintained. Here is an example of what I would call hyperlapse created by Novalapse:

So this is what I will be practising over the next while as I learn to take good hyperlapses. I hope the results will please everyone. Come back later to see what I create.

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