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Virtual Reality Tours

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Imagine if customers could be instantly transported inside your business from wherever they happen to be. Taking a coffee break, relaxing at home, enjoying a family vacation … they could be anywhere. They think about the products or services your business offers. They look on Google and then beam-me-up-Scotty, they are inside your business instantly, walking around, zeroing in on interesting products, and getting a general feel for the space you provide.

Google Street View makes this a reality… virtual reality that is. Story in Focus is proud to announce that we’ve joined the Google Trusted Photographers Program. As members of this program, we can create a virtual reality tour of your business and put that tour on Google Maps and your website.

Restaurants, hotels, spas, wineries, taverns, retail stores, marinas, golf courses, any business that wants to attract travelers from around the world will benefit from this service. Street View isn’t just for tourism though. Hospitals, hair stylists, dentists, car sales and repair, manufacturers of all kinds, even artisans will gain more traffic if they allow people to visit virtually.

Below is an example of Cowichan Valley artisans who provide some of the highest quality handmade furniture you could wish for. Not only does their virtual tour show off their fine furniture, it takes people behind the scenes for an in depth tour of their shop. If you’re particularly adventurous, take a trip down the driveway and see what’s hidden there.

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While Google Maps provides an excellent tour solution, you may want a little bit more. Story in Focus can create full interactive tours. Your customers can look up information, make a reservation, or even purchase a product all within an embedded virtual tour. Imagine someone looking for a spa to spend a restful day. As they tour your facility, they see what it offers, and they book a visit right then and there.

Virtual tours are great for showcasing any location dealing with weddings. Catch the bride’s eye before she gets in the car. As the other locations fade from her memory, yours will remain available for her to peruse at her leisure.

Often adult children have to find a welcoming home for their aging parents, yet they live thousands of kilometers apart. These long-distance decisions aren’t easy, but they’re made easier when people can explore a facility without paying for a flight to get there.